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Clay + Water Earth + Sky

Oakley Way Pottery


Lake-inspired pottery.

Handthrown in the amazing Adirondacks of New York.



My name is Linda Demers and I am Oakley Way Pottery. Living in New York’s Adirondack Park, I awake every morning to an environment that sparks my creativity. I sip tea on our boathouse roof and listen to resident loons call out to one another on the quiet waters of Lake George. Behind me Buck Mountain blocks the winter’s northern winds.


In my studio, surrounded by Mother Nature, I spend endless hours expressing myself through pieces I create on the wheel. It is a physical labor of love. In my professional career as a graphic designer and creative director my work was usually computer driven and cerebral. Pottery has always been the physical outlet for my creativity. My work is a reflection of both my life and my environment. “Made with love in the Adirondacks”


I hope you enjoy my work. And if you do, you can always find me on etsy.

Work changes often. Find Oakley Way Pottery on Etsy.