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Oakley Way Pottery. Handthrown in the amazing Adirondacks of New York.

My name is Linda Demers and I am all things Oakley Way Pottery, right here in the Adirondacks of New York State. It’s where I get to play, explore and learn about what makes this potter tick. Although I have only been “throwing pots,” as they say for 6 years or so, I’ve always had the need to be creative. As a graphic designer, creative director for years, I am finding this fresh new creative outlet to be quite fulfilling. And challenging!

I am grateful for the supportive community of potters that I live in close proximity to. When I’m not in my studio creating you can find me spending days hanging around the Saratoga Clay Art Center studio in Saratoga Springs, NY learning, glazing, firing and laughing with some very talented and wonderful potters.

I hope you enjoy my work. And if you do, you can always find me on etsy.


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